Fook Lam Moon - Wan Chai

Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities in the world (on Hong Kong Island, one in 7 are millionaires), but Fook Lam Moon is known for attracting a particularly affluent clientele (though, on the nights we were there, it seemed mainly to attract unruly children).  The local media refers to it as 富豪飯堂, the cafeteria for the wealthy. This is surely due in some measure to the menu’s focus on Cantonese delicacies, such as premium Japanese abalone, shark’s fin soup and bird’s nest with bamboo. It is easy for prices to spiral out of control; even the (admittedly great) wok-fried lobster costs $150 USD.

The design is moderately upscale but, with its low coffered ceilings and serviceable décor, it gives no indication of its status as a feeding ground for whales.  The food is very good although not commensurate with many other similarly priced restaurants in the city.  Char-grilled pork char siu is fatty and delicious, and Fook Lam Moon’s “famous crispy chicken”, which comes expertly cooked and crisped with a divine lemon sauce, is famous for a reason.  Happiness at your door, indeed.


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Wan Chai
35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai
+852 2866-0663
Mon-Sun, 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm
    Chui Wai Kwan, Chef


    • Hong Kong
    • Cantonese
    • Chinese
    • Dim Sum
    • BYOB Corkage Fee: $300HKD
    • Private Dining Room
    • Tasting Menu